Taking a Business Course to Help My Career

When I was hired on at a local business, the owner explained that he chose me because of my charisma rather than my educational background. He told me that several of the other applicants had a much better educational history that fit with his company, but they lacked the charisma that I showed at my interview. He told me that he can help a person with their education, but he cannot help add charisma to a person’s personality. He told me about The Lifelong MBA, which is an online program that helps people get information on business practices and concepts that is normally taught at universities.

He further explained that it is not as in depth as a business administration course, but it covers all the basics in detail. He has a Master’s degree in business, but he still took the course himself just to ensure that it was the kind of course that could help someone like me. Before he hired me, he asked if I would be willing to take the online course. The company would pay for it, and all I had to do was show up for the live seminars and watch the videos as well as tackle the work sheets that are part of the course.

I felt like I had hit the jackpot with that offer. I have never had someone show that level of confidence in me, and it made me want to excel as much as possible with the Mini-MBA course. It was very easy to do since it was all online. There were people who took it together, but I opted to just do it on my own so I could move at my own pace through it. I did learn a lot by taking this course, and my boss is very happy with the work I am doing now.