Traveling the World for Work

One thing that I find people have often said is that they want an exciting job. They want the type of job where they can travel and see the world. One kind of job that can fall under this umbrella is being a steward/stewardess on a plane. However, if you have a fear of flying (like I do) this may not be the best idea. One thing you can do if you want to travel is look for a job on a boat– provided you aren’t prone to being seasick. Through my searching I found superyacht crew jobs. This provides jobs on yachts and given my fear of flying, it is perfect!

The sites I found provided great information about finding a job as a crewmember. Sure, parts of the websites were available for yacht/boat owners to hire a crew, but there were also parts dedicated to people who wanted to work on them. This was what stood out to me the most. A lot of the pitches were quite convincing and as someone who has wanted to travel the world or at least travel in general, it sounded quite convincing. They sounded very professional and made me want to apply. Some of the jobs available were a Stewardess and perfect for someone with not the greatest amount of experience. It makes it sound like something I will be able to apply for. Something that the average person like yourself can apply for if you want to shake things up in your life and travel around.

If you suddenly feel stuck or you want to scratch that travel itch then I think you should just give it a shot, look up some information on superyacht crew jobs and give it a chance. I know I certainly will be thinking about it!