How to Find the Best Wedding & Event Venue for the Biggest Day

When the big day arrives, it’s time to think about everything around it. One of the main discussions between the spouses revolves around the place where the ceremony should hold. More often than not both have different ideas, but they must find compromise and choose what’s ideal for both.

Before the wedding comes, the spouses must think about what they want and more importantly – explore the available options. Both should agree on one choice, but before they find something to fit, they need to go through a lot of choices. Learn more about wedding needs here.

What’s crucial to know, regardless if you’re the groom or the bride, is that some issues must be addressed from a joint stand. There’s no discussion about these things, and the venue must be perfect. If you want to know what these things are, and how to find the ultimate one, you should read what we have prepared, and look for the ideal place.

1. Look for a suitable location

The location must be suitable for everyone involved. Not just the partners, but the families of the groom and the bride too. Since it is sometimes impossible to choose one place to fit everyone’s needs, the partners often choose to go with a location that is entirely off the standard.

Some decide to make the ceremony in Vegas, by the ocean, or somewhere exotic. In other cases, partners decide to make it nearby to their living location. It’s crucial to have it at a place where everyone will be happy. If that is in the neighborhood, then choose a restaurant, church, museum, or whatever you wish that is near your location.

2. Make sure it’s big enough to accommodate all the guests

A mistake that many couples make is paying for a place that is too small for the event. If you have 300 guests, and the venue can only withhold 250, it means that 50 guests will need to spend the evening outside. This is even more important now with the harsh Covid-19 restrictions.

Another issue and a mistake many people make is to go to a place that’s enormous while they only have a small wedding crowd. If you have 300 people, but you pay for a hall in which 1500 can fit, then your event will look like a joke. Always mind the numbers and be sure that you’re going to the right place when the numbers are in question.

3. Choose the perfect style depending on your wishes

This is another thing that partners must talk about thoroughly. The venue’s style. Some people prefer having a ceremony by the beach, while others wouldn’t accept anything less than a historical church in which other famous people in the past got married. See some style types here:

This is something to discuss and find a mutual solution. In this case, you might consider having a ceremony in the church, and then go to have a party by the beach. This is a compromise that will make both happy, but before you decide, you need to talk about it and reach a decision.

4. Arrange the decorations

Another thing that people forget to arrange and then end up having a poorly-looking venue. When you hire a restaurant or any other type of venue, they are not going to do anything more than providing a clean place for the dates and hours you’re asking for. Everything else is your obligation.

That means going to the florist and looking for flowers and other decorations is a must for everyone. If you don’t do this, you’ll get married in a place that looks empty and poor.

5. See if they have a place for the music and a dance floor

The music is a décor that adds value to the entire ceremony. Without them, everyone will be bored, and at the same time, the newlyweds will not be able to dance the first dance that symbolizes the start of their joint life.

That’s why you need to look for a place that will have a stage and a dance floor. You want to see the people at the wedding happy. If they are happy and are having fun, be sure that you’ll be doing the same.

6. Compare prices

Finally, it’s smart to compare the prices between competitors. There’s no need to pay a tremendous amount for something that might not be as valuable as something else. Also, you might not have the budget required for a particular place. IT’s always smart to do a comparison.

When you find 3-5 places that are on top of your list, and you see what features and downsides they have, it’s smart to compare their prices too. If you can’t make up your mind, the price might be a deal breaker and lean you on the one side of the fence.


If you’re looking for the best event center in Nebraska you need to look for these features. Mind all of them as they are all valuable to have a perfect wedding day.

When you’re making your final choice, you should mind the location, the style, what features they provide together with the hiring, and of course, can they provide a competitive price. All of these things can make a difference to find the perfect place for your needs.

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