How to Save Money on Your Wedding Venue

When couples plan their wedding day the wedding venue is usually the first thing to be booked on their list. It also takes up a large part of the money they have set aside for the overall budget, if they get creative there are ways to save money.

  1. Getting married on an off day, time or season is one way to save big. When you picture your wedding it’s usually on a Saturday evening in June at a beautiful seaside hotel. By being flexible and hosting your wedding on a Friday or Sunday afternoon you can save big on your venue. Better still booking in the off season or planning a brunch or lunch are other ways to save money.
  2. Use a public park or other city owned space for the ceremony. Often the venue booked for the reception is not available or charges extra for holding the ceremony so exchange vows at a public space will save money.
  3. Tie the knot at City Hall or the courthouse followed by a low key meal at a nearby restaurant.
  4. Borrow a venue from a friend or parent with a lovely home, garden or farm usually free of charge. You will need to rent dishes, glassware even arrange for catering separately but saving on the venue could result in big savings.
  5. Booking at a Legion or Association hall is often less costly than other venues and often aren’t booked up months or years in advance.
  6. Hosting your wedding out of the city especially if you live in a larger city renting a venue can be expensive. Planning your wedding in a nearby smaller spot can be less costly and less stressful.
  7. Choose a BYOB event, most traditional venues require a set price for alcohol. Having a venue that allows you to provide your own beer, wine and liquor is another way to save on your wedding.
  8. Book an all inclusive venue just be sure to check out what’s included very carefully so there’s no hidden surprises.
  9. One last thing, don’t host a blank canvas venue such as a loft. While it might look appealing remember you will have to rent every single item from seating, catering which could wind up being very costly.

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